I always enjoy taking on design projects. Its good to see how the artwork evolves throughout the project and you end up with something you're proud of and the client is happy with.

My artwork for Harvey Nichols was used in-store for their Britalia promotion. It appeared on numerous stands throughout the store and was also put on this Vespa in the menswear department.
I was particularly proud when I saw my artwork in the store because Harvey Nichols is such an iconic name. I've grown up with it being synonymous with luxury and exclusive products, so it felt amazing to be part of it.

The artwork below was for Philip Morris International. I was one of the artists commissioned to create the design for 2 limited edition packs of cigarettes.
It was interesting to learn about the incredibly tight guidelines associated with creating artwork for tobacco and alcohol products, if not a little frustrating at times.
Working with such legal requirements and restrictions was a good experience that will be very beneficial for future projects.
One of my most recent projects was to create 3 designs for Japanese company Hamico.
The designs were for a new toothbrush range and I was invited to the product launch at the NY NOW exhibition in August. It was great to see my designs on the finished products and fantastic to hear that they were some of the company's best selling designs at the event. 
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