My illustrations have evolved over the last few years into a bold style where colour plays an important role.
One of my biggest passions is motorsport and I enjoy producing illustrations for some events that incorporate the race track and the surrounding areas and landmarks. Sometimes flags and regional coat of arms also influence the designs.
I sometimes take part in design/illustration contests in my spare time.
The illustration below was for the Moxy Hotel in Times Square, New York. It was part of a global project to find artwork for the outside of the building. The 120' high artwork was to be printed on mesh and hung above the entrance to the hotel.
The theme of the artwork on the brief was "Getting away with it" so I drew on my own experiences of living in Manhattan. The theme of getting away with it made me think of a lady I saw taking her cats out for pizza in a stroller a few weeks earlier. I have two cats of my own and I thought, why the hell not, I’m going to do that! I would never have considered buying a cat stroller before moving to New York, people would have thought I was mad, but I have one now because here I can get away with anything!
Although I didn't win the contest, I was a finalist and was happy to receive a cash prize for my entry.
The illustration below was from a Red Bubble challenge where artists had to pick a photo from participating Instagram posts and put their take on it. The design is now for sale on the website. 
I have also done caricature cartoons like the one below, which I did for MotoGP rider Loris Baz to wish him a speedy recovery after breaking his leg.
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