I enjoy creating fun fabric/surface print designs. They are a continuation from my illustration style in that bold shape and colour are often dominant.
I consider what I look for when buying a patterned product in terms of colour combination and form and create something I'd be happy to own or wear.
The Honolulu pattern below was first created as a fabric design but later requested by my client Vaunce. They went on to use it on merchandise sold in their trampoline park gift shops in South Korea.
When I first visited Coney Island I loved the iconic shapes and colours there. This is one of my favourite pattern designs because I have some great memories of this place. 
Animals and nature are some of my favourite themes when creating patterns. I achieve the natural flow of lines to show form and movement by drawing the elements freehand and then turning them into digital vectors.
Geometric pattern designs are popular and when combined with bold colour combinations can really work well on any surface.
This clownfish themed design was submitted to a CarpetVista contest to be produced as a rug, but is now sold as a surface print and fabric design on various websites.
This racing themed design was commissioned for a start up company in London specialising in mens accessories. I'm looking forward to seeing the printed samples.
Margarita and summer themed fabric design. This is another one of my favourite patterns because of happy memories of Margaritas in the sunshine!
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